Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sad News

(Sigh)... I found out today, from the Coke man at the Commissary, that Vanilla Coke is being discontinued... Again! =(

I'm sooo sad! Don't people get it? This is possibly the tastiest beverage known to mankind!!

Here's me with my VERY FIRST Vanilla Coke, back in 2002
(Maybe Vanilla Coke is responsible for my weight loss since then!?)

...and five years later, after it's return, still enjoying a great beverage!
(Yes, I realize our web cam reversed the picture and the writing is backwards...)

I'm not sure when this crisis is predicted to take place... Wikipedia didn't even seem to know anything about it yet...

(Hmmm... dare I hope that the Coke man was Lying to me, in an effort to get me to take out a Huge loan and fill our basement with hundreds of cases of Vanilla Coke, lest I never have the chance to taste it's sweetness again??)

(Sigh) ... I can only hope...

I went searching online to see if there were other Vanilla Coke lovers like myself who were mourning the loss of a dear friend.... It seems that I am the only one on the planet that knows about the impending doom of losing it again, but there were plenty of YouTube videos dedicated to Vanilla Coke in the past. They included, "Vanilla Coke ET, Vanilla Coke Kung Fu, A Date with Vanilla Coke, Goodbye Vanilla Coke", as well as multiple Vanilla Coke commercials in foreign languages.

Here are a couple videos I chose:

* If anyone hears Anything about this...please let me know!

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Mr. Hansford said...

I'll share in the lament for the yet again, late Vanilla Coke. Rest in Peace VC, you tasted great and you will be missed.