Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain, rain, rain...

So, Wow, we've had a lot of rain today! It's been raining pretty much the whole day!

Tiffany and I went to Destin this morning, and I'm soo glad we were in her big car, since it rides a lot higher than our Civic! I'm not sure I could have kept it on the road, with the amount of water we drove through in some spots!

We went back to that scrapbook store I found the other day, and I stocked up on embellishments for my Christmas cards. Then we went to Target for a while before grabbing lunch at McAlister's Deli. With all the rain it seemed like a "soup day" to me, so I had the Cheddar Potato soup in a bread bowl... so good!

I had a great chat on the phone with Laura this afternoon... she's already working on plans to come see me again! Woohoo! =0)

These are totally random pictures. The first one is Keenan's Easter basket (when he was about a month old), and then a picture of him last week in that same basket! =)

The things Mommy does with me when Daddy's not looking...

"You know I could get out of this if I wanted to, right?"


Shambach's said...

Hey Joia,

Just wanted to say that your blog inspired me to try and begin my own... since Jason and I are both living a ways away from our families.

I love the pics and I saw that video of Phil "dancing" (from back in the day) - Amusing, quite amusing :-)


mom w. said...

Wow, more rain, I thought you got quite a soaker while I was there! It is rainy here today. Miss you, Mom