Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Today was just a quiet day at home. It seems we are all still needing more sleep than we're getting at night, so Philip and I got in some extra sleep while Keenan was sleeping.

The weather continues to be beautiful and fall like. It's so refreshing after the long, hot, humid summer. We actually opened the house all up yesterday and let the fresh air blow through.. it was soo nice!

Keenan and I have been taking more walks, since we can be out for more than five minutes now without sweating! He really likes being in the stroller, and I need the exercise, and it gives Philip a chance to get stuff done without us bugging him.

Philip and I had a nice evening together, since Keenan went down early, and we watched Regarding Henry, a movie about a guy who was shot and lost his memory, speech and physical abilities.

Here's a picture of my boys this afternoon:
I love these guys!

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