Saturday, October 20, 2007

Philip's Home!

Keenan and I have Philip back! =) He came home and slept until about 2:30, and then we went and picked up the Civic from the shop. (It needed some work, so we've been using Rob and Sarah's van while they're on vacation - it's really nice!)

After that, we went to the Santa Rosa mall (that I didn't even know existed until I came across it by accident last week!) It's not a huge mall, but is nice and has some fun stores. We took some cute pictures of Keenan on the little kiddie rides...

On the tractor

In the rescue chopper

...and in the Nascar car with Mommy! =)

Keenan's not crawling yet, but he seems like he's on the verge...

"I'm gonna get it.."


"Ha ha, got it!"

Keenan and William last night at John and Wendi's

Keenan "helping" Daddy brush his teeth

Philip just put Keenan to bed, so we're going to have dinner and watch the Michigan/Illinois game.


Anonymous said...

Reagan loves to go on those toys every time we see them...and they seem to be everywhere. Something I have done though is I have never, not once, put money in them. He doesn't even know that he is missing out on the best part. Matt shakes it a little bit and makes his own noises (lol!). It saves lots of money and lots of whining! =) Love you! Jessica

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing with Isaac and he didn't know they really worked either until.......Gr'ma Eberts came on the scene and she spent way too much money letting him ride the one at Wal-Mart over and over and over again....I was none too happy, let me tell ya' when I was left with the aftermath of that little spoiling session...sigh. Fortunately, that is all in the past now. whew!

Keenan is just soooo Cute!!

Love, Mom