Friday, October 12, 2007

Keenan and Grandma

Today has been an interesting day.... I'm sooo glad my mom is here, because Keenan didn't let me get much sleep last night, so my mom took care of him for large chunks of the day today so I could try and get some rest.

Philip's schedule is starting to take it's toll, I think. We're both really glad that tonight is his last night until Monday.

My uncle Tom and Aunt Kathy drove here today (they live in Pinellas Park, FL). They are going with my mom and I tomorrow to see my mom's aunt Pat, in Alabama. I have never met her and my mom and uncle haven't seen her in a really long time either. It should be fun!

My mom and Keenan leaving on one of their walks.
It was quite cool this morning for Keenan, so this is the first time he's worn socks, long pants, and a hoodie! The cooler weather is sooo nice! =)

Here's a video of my mom making Keenan laugh... it's hilarious!!

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Kristin said...

awwwwwww haha that video is so cute. Keenan has a great little laugh. Spending some much needed time with grandma. Very nice. Miss yas all!