Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snoozy Sunday

It's been a little harder than we expected for Philip to switch his schedule back... He ended up needing to sleep quite a bit today. In order for him to have some quiet, Keenan and I went for a walk at Turkey Creek and then did some stocking stuffer shopping.

We had planned to go the Mullet Festival today. Kenny Rogers was singing tonight! We had planned to go this afternoon, but then it started to rain, so we didn't want to risk paying to get in, and then have it start raining again and have to leave we opted out. We'll definitely have to go next year, because it looked like a Ton of fun when we drove by and the number of people was incredible! Apparently 100,000 people attend this every year, and eat about 10 tonnes of Mullet!

Keenan was having a great nap in the van, so we went to Sonic for dinner (it really is the perfect place to go when you have little kids, because it doesn't matter how much noise they make, they won't bother anyone else, since they're in the car with you!) I've decided that their Peach Iced Tea is my new favorite thing...

I think Keenan is sleeping better just having Philip at home at night with us... good stuff! He's in bed now, so I'm going to go enjoy the rare luxury of getting to read a book in the evening.. =)


Anonymous said...

kenny Rogers with a mullet!!! That would be quite a picture!! LOL
Sorry, guess my sick sense of humor got the better of me!! hee hee

Tiffany said...

Matt and I went on Saturday for 4 hours it was a blast. You guys will have to go with us next year!

Joia said...

Cheryl, that's hilarious! =)

Tiffany, it's a date!