Friday, October 26, 2007


We're getting a fairly early start on a pretty busy (fun) day tomorrow, so I'm hittin' the hay early...

Some random facts about the day:

I had coconut cake for breakfast.

We had our first landscaping guy come to look at our yard and give us an estimate on how much it would cost to make it look presentable. He has to do some figuring first, but said that he Definitely thinks we should start out by getting a sprinkler system, which would involve drilling a well, etc... (sounds pricey)

Keenan got his first Canadian passport picture taken today! I think it's pretty cute. (I'll scan it and post it soon).

I'm Really enjoying getting to wear my comfy flannel pj pants to bed again, and actually have the house cool enough that I Want blankets on!

We took Rob and Sarah's van back to their house today.. (sigh) I miss it already... It was so nice to be able to have it while Sarah was gone, because our car was in the shop twice this past week!

Philip took care of Keenan and got him to bed tonight so that I could have a relaxing bath - how great is he??

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