Sunday, October 14, 2007

A fun Sunday

This morning I made waffles for everyone, and then Uncle Tom and Aunt Kathy headed out to do some shopping, while Philip got in a few more z's and mom, Keenan and I went for a walk at Turkey creek. With the cooler weather it was really nice out, even though we weren't there early in the day. Keenan had a nice nap while we were out as well.

Sweet sleeping baby

Cute turtle (and my reflection in the water!)

When everyone met back at home (or woke up), we hung out for a while and then went to Boathouse Landing for lunch. This is the first time we've eaten inside, and it was really nice. The Flounder was awesome!

Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy and my mom

The Dooley Three

When we got home, Uncle Tom and Aunt Kathy headed out, since they have a seven hour drive home.

One last picture before they left

Keenan and Grandma playing peek a boo

Since my mom offered to watch Keenan for us, Philip and I were trying to decide what to do, now that we actually had some time together for the first time in a week. We thought about gong kayaking, but by the time we called, there wasn't enough time left in the day. You know what we ended up doing? Putting on old clothes and working out in the yard, pulling out weeds, and random stuff that doesn't belong. Yup, sweat, dirt, a couple shovels and each other, fun date! =) I have to admit, my attitude was pretty stinky about it originally, but improved with time (and the great feeling of accomplishment when I dug out some pretty huge weeds and dead bushes!) LOL!

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Anonymous said...

O.K. so I have a question for ya'....what is "gong kayaking"? Is that like if you don't' paddle right, or if you tip over, the people on the shore gong you? JK. Did you laugh? if so, then mission accomplished. If not, I'll try again! :-) Love, Mom