Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun at MOPS

MOPS was so fun today! We had a speaker come and talk about the importance of the family having dinner together, and she shared a whole bunch of cool tips and tricks for meal preparation and making things easier. Then we all got to make a pan of manicotti to bring home for dinner! It was awesome!

Here's the stuff all set up for us - it worked great, mine was done in less than five minutes! The coolest part was squeezing the cheese mixture into the shells (it worked really well out of a ziplock bag!)

Don't get in the way of these moms and their dinner preparations..
That's my friend, Andrea (who you all know by now),in the brown shirt

Soo cool to be taking dinner home with us!

These are most of the people from my small group at MOPS:

Lindsye (baby boy due in three weeks), Britnye (husband in Iraq), and Jen (not exactly sure when her baby girl is due)

Angela and Tammy

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