Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall is here!

Wow! Fall actually Does come to this hot place! =) This morning was soo nice and cool! Keenan and I went for a walk at 8:15, and I actually had a long sleeved T-shirt on, and bundled Keenan up pretty well... He wasn't sure what to think of all of these clothes! =)

The girl's weekly lunch was at Andrea's this week, and we got to meet her wonderful parents, Bob and Debbie. They were super nice, and her mom even made the dessert - this yummy "dirt cake!" =) I made some chocolate bark stuff, so we were joking about eating dirt and bark for dessert!


A good group picture (stolen from Wendi)
Sebastian, Johanna, Jodi, me, Wendi, William, Tiffany and Andrea
(Keenan was already in his car seat ready to go)


Anonymous said...

it's not fair that you girls have all these great "lunches" which sound actually like feasts, and yet you're all thin!!!!!!!!
what a good looking group. it's nice you're all able to support each other.

Anonymous said...

by the way I think Feb. will be my kind of time to visit Florida (if it works out!)
L :)

Joia said...

Thank you both for the nice compliment. The only reason I don't weigh 300 pounds, is because I'm still the only food source for a 21 pound baby! LOL!