Saturday, October 6, 2007

Exploring the area...

Today has been fun.

This morning, we drove around part of Eglin's range property, checking out some of the campsites and places to hike. Wow, some of those roads back there were NOT meant to be driven in a Civic! =) At one point, we actually got stuck in the sand (and it felt exactly the same as a snow drift!) Fortunately Philip was able to push us out - yay!

I also learned (not sure how I missed this before) that we have Bears in this area! Weird.. I had no idea. No, we didn't see any on our travels through the back woods (which would have been a Huge bummer because I didn't have my camera!) =)

We came home for lunch and then spent the afternoon in Destin. I just found out about a cool store called Old Time Pottery (And managed to convince Philip to come with me there). Patient man that he is... we actually spent over an hour there and he didn't go insane! I LOVE the store! It's Huge, and is like a Michael's, plus Home Goods, kind of store, they have Everything there! Tons of Christmas and fall stuff, Kitchen ware, linens, mirrors, framed art, plants, candles, scrapbooking stuff, it's incredible! I Have to go back when I have more time.

Next, we balanced it out by going to Best Buy where Philip got to browse for stuff that He's interested in.

After a stop at Sonic (where I got the new "Chocolate shake made with Whoppers" - yum!), we came home and had a nice dinner out on the front porch while Keenan sat in the swing and we all watched the rain.

Philip just put Keenan to bed, and we have a couple movies, so I'm going to sign off now.

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Anonymous said...

Can I come to visit and go to your new store with you :(
L :)