Thursday, October 11, 2007

Christmas in October?

This morning I went to MOPS, and left Keenan home with my mom so I didn't have to leave him in the nursery (and so she wasn't just bored here by herself).

This afternoon we went on base and did some grocery shopping, and then spent some time with Philip and had dinner when we got home. After he left for work, we took Keenan for a walk around the neighborhood. It's nice that the weather is getting cooler and it's actually pretty pleasant outside in the mornings and evenings now.

So... since my mom brought Christmas presents with her, and they're all wrapped and just sitting there on the dresser in the spare room... begging to be opened...I decided that Keenan should get to open a couple of his presents.

Here's one from my parents:

Opening his very first present!
(Notice the drool coming down?) =)

"Mmmm.. this is a Great present!"

Okay, so maybe the gift is a little more for Me than Keenan.
It's a baby food grinder, and it's awesome! I can put Anything in there
and it will make it "baby compatible". Cool!

Here's Keenan starting in on the gift from Tim and Steph

"Another great, tasty paper!"

"Woohoo! My own Doctor set!"

"Okay, I'm checking my blood pressure (on my leg),
I've got the stethoscope on, and I'm giving myself a vaccine
(I like them orally much better)
I think I've pretty much got this whole Doctor thing figured out..."

I'm still trying to convince Philip that we should get to open Our presents while my mom is here too... still working on him. Not too sure how my family back home would think about that either...


Anonymous said...

So when do we get to see a picture of this mother of yours?

Joia said...

My mom said, "Anonymous, declare yourself before we put her picture on, maybe you're a spy!" LOL!