Monday, October 8, 2007

Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers!! =)

Today was pretty fun, despite not going to anything "Thanksgivingy". The house smelled delicious this morning as our Thanksgiving dinner cooked in the oven.. =) Mmmm... I called home to Ontario and talked to a bunch of my family (for an hour and a half) at the Woodford Thanksgiving gathering. That was fun. =) Their weather was just as warm as ours today! Very strange...
After that, Keenan and I spent the afternoon at the little Eglin beach. (The first time in my life I've gone to the beach on Thanksgiving! It would usually be waaay too cold!) =) It was soo fun! I can't believe I haven't taken him before (by myself)! I set up the umbrella and blanket and our chairs, and then got him out of the car, and it all worked really well. The water was warm and perfect, and Keenan Loved it! Here's some pictures of his first time experiencing the feel of sand, etc...

"Hmmm... so this is sand..."

"Interesting... I wonder how it tastes?"
(Thankfully, he didn't find out!)

"Hey, cool, a jellyfish!"

"I'm gonna get him..."

"Hey Mommy! Can we come to the beach Every day?"

"Okay, Mom, your chair is Waay cooler than mine... wanna trade?"
Our little setup
Keenan trying to eat my cookies through the bag

Chillin' with Bunny

This evening, we were able to go to the hospital and have dinner with Philip. We had to wait quite a while when we first got there, since he'd been called to the ER, but were finally able to spend a good chunk of time with him, so that was really nice (I hate going 24 hours without seeing him).
Our dinner date with Philip
I worked really hard on the dessert, can you tell? =)


Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving Joia! You were missed at the gathering today :P Hope spending a bit of time at the beach made up for it even just a teensy bit ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog! I am looking over my mailing list and still have your MI address. Could you please send me your new one (I know you already did this summer, but my mind is going...). Email me at


mom W. said...

Yeah, I suppose there were more Woodfords than any one else but the Okrafkas, Wests, and Sharps may have objexted to it being a "Woodford" Thanksgiving. Uncle Dave never showed... Anyway, it was nice but we missed you Joia.

mom w. again said...

Oh dear, I published a spelling error, horrors. That is "objected"...

flakymn said...

Hey! Again! Aren't the blizzards reserved for company?!?!