Tuesday, September 18, 2007

John and Wendi's and Stuff...

We had a really nice visit with John and Wendi last night. Their dog, Scrubs has grown So much since we were last there! Keenan was a little bit scared at first, but once Scrubs calmed down, Keenan seemed to like him as much as before.
I think this was the first time John had ever held Keenan, and he (Keenan) was really good with him. I was glad, because I was worried that it had been so long since he had seen them that he might have forgotten who they were.

We had a Delicious meal - grilled Grouper, grilled potatoes, shrimp kabobs, and a really yummy salad with fresh raspberries in it! Mmmm... it's so nice to eat someone else's (amazing) cooking for a change. =)

Keenan and I went to the pool this afternoon. It was fun, but much chillier than our previous visits. Philip and I decided it must be getting a lot cooler at night than we realize, because the daytime temperatures certainly haven't dropped enough to account for the water to be that much cooler. I guess I'll have to hurry and get a few more beach/pool days in before it's not fun anymore.

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