Saturday, September 29, 2007

Water fun

We just got back from the splash park. The weather was Perfect (just hot enough that we needed to keep getting back in the water to cool off.) There wasn't very many other people there either, so that was nice (sometimes it's pretty crowded).

Keenan napped for the first part while we all got wet and then woke up in time to join us for some fun. Isaac had fun over at the playground too before we left.

Isaac dumping the pail on Jeff's head

Erik trying to convince Isaac to step into the "spray zone"

Erik and Isaac runing through the "tunnel of spray"

Keenan sticking his feet in the spray with Grandma

The "Master of the Pails"

Keenan and I

Grandpa and Keenan

The Dudes

The chicks and Keenan

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