Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun at the Dooley's

Today has been a good day.

Keenan and I went to MOPS this morning. It was nice to be able to go this time, because, (since I had only been one time before), I didn't really feel like I knew the people in my group very well. They are all super nice!

Well, it seems that Keenan is growing and learning new things every day. I sat him in his crib while I tidied his room today, and I looked up and he was doing this!

"I'm gettin' outta here!"

(Looks like as soon as he can get himself from a lying position to a sitting one, we're going to have to lower the mattress!) =)

"I'm helping Mama with laundry..."

Philip just headed out to get blizzards (yay!) and we're actually going to watch a movie tonight (quite the rarity around here).

I'm hosting the girl's brunch/lunch tomorrow. They haven't been here in quite a long time, so I'm looking forward to that - they're so much fun! Tomorrow is a "two dessert day", so it'll be good! =)

Mom, Jeff and Isaac are coming tomorrow evening for the weekend, woohoo! We haven't seen them in waay too long! Keenan is a totally different baby now! It should be really fun..=)

The bananas were a complete "no go" today, maybe we'll have more luck tomorrow. At his size, he really Needs to be eating food!! =)


Mom E said...

Since I'm behind by 3 blogs, I'll just comment on all of them here! You looked SO skinny in the photo prior to your anniv. dinner and then again in your wedding dress! I Loved that dress and your mom did such an amazing job making it; she's so talented!! The train was my favorite, so I'm glad you took a picture of it again.

Keenan is just adorable and I cannot wait to see him tomorrow; of course you & Philip too. ;-) Isaac has already journaled about the trip and we haven't started yet! lol. C U 2-morrow, well, today (I just looked at the clock! I need to go to bed!!!)
Love, Mom

flakymn said...

Hey, I thought blizzards were only allowed when there was company?!

Joia said...


That Is the typical rule, but on our anniversary, we were planning to go to DQ for dessert, but were too busy after Bonefish, so we decided to go on another night.