Monday, September 24, 2007

Three Great Years

Today is Philip and my third wedding anniversary! What a great three years it has been! Our anniversary always makes me reminisce about our wedding day and look back through our pictures, so here's a brief photo overview of our day!

Me with our flower girl/baby (18 mo), Marika, my niece

Philip with Isaac (his younger brother), the ringbearer

Us lighting our unity candle

Mr. and Mrs. Dooley!!

A cute shot

Getting married is serious business...

Philip running away with me

Signing our marriage license at Tim Horton's in Michigan
(where we "officially" got married!)

Philip, I love you and I'm so thankful to God for such an amazing husband... thanks for picking Me!


Anonymous said...

What fun memories! Great photos & what an awesome necklace! lol. Just an FYI: this time 3 years ago while we were in Canada at your wedding, we were getting slammed back here in FL with yet another hurricane! God took care of us tho' and we returned to only minor damage. PTL. 2 days and counting......Love, Mom E.

Tara said...

you look so pretty, joia!!! I love your wedding dress. i am slightly obsessed with pictures (particularly wedding ones) and so am glad i stumbled upon your blog. happy (belated) anniversary!. i think your baby is ADORABLE, too!
(wendi's blog-stalking friend) :)

Joia said...


Thanks for the compliments! I'm also pretty obsessed with wedding pictures (and would look at Anyone's whether I knew them or not!)