Thursday, September 6, 2007

This is My Town

Today was a great day. It started off with a walk with Laura at 7:30. We used to do that often when I lived here, so it was fun to do again, even though we live so far apart! The cooler weather has been amazing!!

My little hometown of Norwich is getting "all grown up" while I'm not looking. But even though it's changing, the countryside and the memories of Oxford County are all still the same. I miss the trees turning color (which some of them have done early so I can get a bit of a "fall fix" while I'm here), and the corn and soybean fields, the Amish buggies driving by, the country air, and the cool evening breezes.

Here's a couple pictures from my life in Ontario...

Good old Norwich

Yay, Corn!

The house I grew up in

Philip and I made the two hour drive to my grandparent's house in Orangeville (the city where I was born). They hadn't yet met Keenan, and since we won't be back in Ontario until March, I really wanted him to meet them during this visit. We had a nice drive through some beautiful Ontario farmland, and had a really great visit, as they met their first great grandson.

Keenan with his Great Grandpa Woodford

Grandma and Grandpa with Keenan and I
When we got back, we had another family dinner (minus my oldest brother and his family), and then watched "Astronaut Farmer". It was a pretty good movie, made even better by the company. =)

Two of my sister in laws, Rebekah and Ada, at my parent's house

Mark and Philip in the swing (probably talking about "techy" stuff)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, only 2014 for the entire population? Did they decrease it by one when you moved? lol. It's been great to follow your vacation journey. I loved the lip syncing photo, and the blue eyeshadow was so "you". lol.

Seeing the corn fields brought back the hysterical memories we had when we were there for your wedding! Remember how scared Erik was when your brother popped out of the field? I laugh now just thinking about it! Good times. Give hugs to your mom, dad and family, & of course, to the K-man!!! Love & miss you, Mom E