Friday, September 21, 2007

Thankful for Cooler Weather and Other Things

Today, though rainy off an on... has been a beautiful day weather wise. It has been pleasantly cool and breezy, and Keenan and I even went for a walk at about 9:00 and didn't even get hot! I'm sooo excited about this! With the first day of fall tomorrow, I am actually thinking I can tolerate, and even enjoy this hot place! =)

Keenan and I have been spending more and more time out on the porch, and hopefully Philip and I can as well (if he's ever home before bedtime again), so I thought I would give it a little "make over".


Keenan watching the world go by...
Wendi had a trivia question on her blog today that asked "The average person does this 70 times a day". You know what the answer was? Complain! Let's try to lower that average, shall we?

In case I have already complained (or thought "complainy thoughts", since Keenan doesn't really talk to me), anywhere Close to 70 times today, I'm going to list 70 things I'm thankful for, and maybe that'll help me in the future...

I'm thankful for: Salvation, a terrific husband, a sweet baby boy, our amazing families, great friends, good health, a home, food to eat, a car that has an automatic transmission, season, laughter, music, chocolate, the country I live in, funny people, medicine, digital cameras, good books, answers to prayer, the ability to travel, memories, Tim Horton's, baby animals, vanilla coke, nail polish, Shout stain remover, a God who keeps His promises, indoor plumbing, ice cream, Tri Care, our comfy bed, Target, "air shows" every day, Keenan's jolly jumper, good movies, A/C, so many delicious fruits, my lack of allergies, dollar stores, our girl's weekly brunch, comfy clothes, e-mail, flowers, the beach, the invention of scrapbooking, my years of homeschooling, M.O.P.S., clean air to breath, good neighbors, my Swiffer, blood banks, colors, soft bath towels, Andrew's help on our house, rainbows, cricket sounds at night, cell phones, garbage pick up twice a week, sunny days, a dry place to watch the rain from, Philip's time off over Christmas, Dairy Queen, handwritten letters, the fact that we have hardly had to buy any clothes for Keenan yet, a husband who also likes pets, sunsets, that Keenan has very few toys that make annoying sounds, phone calls from friends, that we get to be part of Eglin's residency, and finally... that I discovered blogging!

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flakymn said...

WOW! Seriously I am impressed.

I hope I don't complain 70 times a day but I know i complain more than I list good things. So that's what I am going to work on.

Good job champ!

PS The swiffer is a good one. i think that's on my list.