Sunday, September 23, 2007


We went to church this morning at Crossway (the one that meets in a school close to our home). I think we will probably end up staying with this bunch, I really like it, and there are a lot of young families, so I feel like we fit well here. We are still wanting to check out the home group that meets on Wednesdays. Hopefully Philip is home in time this Wednesday night for that to work out.

After church, we had some running around to do in Fort Walton Beach, so we grabbed lunch at Sonny's BBQ. It was pretty good!

When we got home, we all had a nap on the spare room bed. It started out with Philip and I lying on either side of Keenan (trying to go to sleep), while he jabbered and rollled around and pulled on us. He Finally went to sleep, at which point, I decided to get up and do some stuff.

Here's Philip and Keenan still asleep:

I'm going to see if I can get some more work done on the photo book while the boys are sleeping...

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flakymn said...

YAY! We would love if you joined us at this church that I can't remember the name of even though you just wrote it and I would have to click back to see it ...

But, no home group on the last Wednesday of the month -- lol. So NEXT week.