Saturday, September 1, 2007

Packing Up

We're a little sad because Nathan and Laura packed up and flew home today. ...=(
Philip and I are packing up to "follow them up north" in the morning. It will be a fairly short night (and a looong day tomorrow) since the airport shuttle is coming for us at 4:30 am!

This morning we showed up at the para-sailing place, signed the forms, paid, and then hung out on their little beach for about 40 minutes, before we got called back to the desk (with about 8 others) and told that it was canceled, since there was a problem with the boat. What a bummer!
Here's us all ready to try para-sailing... but it was not to be

Last picture of our Northern friends in the sunshine state

Philip and I will be splitting our time between Michigan and Ontario for the next week. We return on the 9th. I hope to still blog every day, but I'm really not sure how everything will work out.. if I skip a day, I apologize, but I will be back soon with lots of fun stories! =)

Here's some silly pictures Laura and I did a few nights ago.. =)

We miss you guys already! =0/ See you soon, though!

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Anonymous said...

We can't wait to visit you guys again & go to all the cool places you've discovered, or at least some of them, anyway & make our own funny faces on your computer. lol. Have fun in the north country.
Oh, and Philip, we are so sorry about U of M yesterday. What happened?!! Jeff was shocked & I was proud of him because he refrained from calling you & gloating. :-0 We actually missed it because we were painting the south side of our garage blue and gold!! No kidding. Too bad the other side will be scarlet & gray..sigh....I'll send pics soon. Love, Mom