Monday, September 3, 2007

Our day in Memphis

Okay, so the scoop on yesterday...

We got up at 3:30. Our ride to the airport showed up at 4 (we had told them 4:30), so we were rushing around the house trying to get ready faster. We got to the airport in plenty of time (the Okaloosa airport is adorably small - only six gates and two baggage claims! =)

Our flight to Memphis was fine... Keenan slept the whole way - woohoo!

First flight for our little man

Philip and Keenan wiaing on our flight in Memphis

Our connecting flight from Memphis to Detroit was delayed for about an hour and a half, due to mechanical problems. When we finally boarded, we pushed back from the gate, and then pulled back in, and everyone had to get off again, because it Still wasn't fixed!

We ended up spending about six hours in Memphis, which was a little bit frustrating, but we were together, and on vacation, and not working, so it was still a fun time. We wandered around the airport, and took funny pictures, And... they gave us $40 in food vouchers, so we went to Edy's Ice Cream, had a really nice lunch, and also got frappucino's (the largest size) at Starbucks - how fun!~ =)

Keenan and I with Elvis

Me and a new friend

Lunch at Varsity Sports Bar and Grill
(Philip making calls to let people know what's up)

Philip arranged to get us on another flight that would get us into Detroit a little after 4 (we were supposed to be there at 11:20 am), but they had us sitting 16 rows apart! When Philip asked if there was anything they could do about it, they bumped us up to first class (my first time). Yay!

Flight number two

We finally arrived in Detroit, picked out our rental car and then spent the evening with our friends, Anthony and Melissa, and Josh and Amanda and their son, Ethan. We had a great time catching up, eating great food, and hanging out... like no time had passed at all.

Josh, Amanda and Ethan

Melissa lovin' on Keenan =)

Me, Melissa and Amanda

We got here to Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's at about 10:00 and had a wonderful night's sleep.

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