Monday, September 17, 2007

No Title Ideas

We ended up going to Turkey Creek to swim yesterday afternoon. It was our first family outing in quite a while, with Philip being so busy. The water (for some reason) was Really cold! We almost chickened out and didn't even go in, but Keenan Loves the water (and wasn't bothered a bit by the temperature), so we did go in anyway. We didn't stay in long, because it was kind of chilly and there was a water moccasin not too far upstream from us.

Tonight we're going to John and Wendi's for dinner. I think they feel sorry for us, because we haven't been able to hang out with any of the group, since we don't want Keenan to get other babies sick. Whatever it is, we'll take they're pity, because we really like them, and John is a great cook! =)

Here's a very short video of our little man.

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