Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The most Wonderful Husband

I have the most wonderful husband ever.

First off, though, I have to admit... Yesterday I was pretty sure that Philip had forgotten that today was our anniversary. He hadn't mentioned anything about it, (and I didn't really blame him, he has a lot on his mind with work etc.) However, I decided I wasn't going to say anything (and didn't show him the anniversary cards we had got in the mail), and wait and see if he said anything. (What a girl thing to do, huh?) =)

Well, when the alarm went off at 5 this morning, he rolled over and said, "Happy Anniversary!" I of course, was very pleasantly surprised. Since he is on Internal Medicine right now, we figured his schedule would be waaay too busy to do anything for our anniversary, so we had decided several months ago that we would probably wait until October sometime to actually celebrate it. However, since his schedule has been better than we had expected, I said this morning, "Maybe we should go ahead and do dinner or something tonight...although Keenan is pretty distracting at dinner.." He said, "Ya.. or maybe we can at least pick up something to eat". I was fine with that, because I wouldn't have to cook!

Well... at 11:20, I took Keenan to his doctor's appointment, and since Philip works right there, he came to the appointment too (which he always does, and I love it!) When we went in to the exam room, there, sitting on the counter was a vase with three beautiful red roses and a card from Philip!

(He had apparently gone and bought them after work yesterday, and took them back to the hospital, so they'd be ready for today).

So, That was a huge surprise, and then I read the card... The message (printed) in the card said,

"For My Wife,

Many anniversaries from now.
when we have been together
for a very long time,
I wonder what it will be like...

Will we share extra blankets
to keep warm?
Count the stars
from our front porch rockers?

Dream older, wiser dreams,
or be contented
with the memories we've made?

Of course,
I can't predict the future,
but I'll tell you what I do know-
If we use extra blankets,
I'll still need to hold you close.
If we sit in our rockers,
mine will be right next to yours.
And no matter how old
or wise we become,
I'll still want the feel
of your gentle hand in mine...

I guess what I'm trying to say is,
I look forward
to whatever the future may hold-
as long as my future
holds you."

Okay, so he's raking in the romantic points already, but then I finished reading the card and it said that he was hoping to get off work early and had already planned for Jodi and Cliff to watch Keenan while we went out for dinner! How amazing is that???

Closeup of the flowers and card

Philip you rock - I'm so sorry I ever doubted you! You're so much more than I could ever deserve....

And to finish off... here's a picture of Keenan at the doctor's office.

"Daddy, what is she Doing??"


mom w. said...

OK, but you've only been married three years, just wait until you've been married 30!!! and see if he still remembers. However, it will be OK if he forgets because his love doesn't depend on whether he remembers your anniversary or not, right, even forgetful husbands are great because they don't forget to love... I know, cause I got one. Love, Mom

mom w. again said...

And... Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hey Philip and Joia! Congratulations! I remember going home after your wedding and telling my Mom and Dad that it was the BEST wedding I'd ever been to! It was so much fun- I'd never seen a bride who rapped before! (Oops, was that a secret?} Everything was GREAT, and the fact that your very handsome brother Mark was there and showing a lot of interest in me made the day even better! Congratulations on three happy, happy years! I'm so glad I'm part of your family!
Love Rebekah

Kristin said...

Happy Anniversary. You guys make an amazing couple and im so happy that you found each other even though you had to go to Equador to find eachother. (well Florida I guess) anyway I love you both and hope you guys had a great day!

flakymn said...

That is really cool!!!!! How fun is that?!?!

Does Phil know all of the husbands who are saying, "Oh, crud Phil. Way to go. Now look what I have to live up to!"

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I'm reading this late, so glad to hear you had a wonderful evening out. I bet Keenan didn't mind letting you have some alone time either!!

Mom E said...

Nope. Can't see him ever forgetting; especially after the entirely romantic way he proposed, eh? Besides, he's way too sentimental to ever forget the love of his life!....and he's my son (so I have bragging rights.) :-)

Hope you enjoyed Isaac's little Happy Anniversary serenade this a.m. And remember...he actually got to kiss you first before Philip did! That oughta' make heads turn... (o.k.everyone, he (Isaac) was just 3 y.o.!) LOL. LOL.

C U soon,
Love, Mom E.

Joia said...

Thank you all for the anniversary messages!

Wendi, maybe this will just serve to "inspire" the other husbands to greatness... =)