Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Morning of Vacation Day # 5

Philip left at 6:30 this morning. He needed to go to U of M to meet with the two doctors that he was working on a research project with before we moved. It's still not complete, so he's trying to get in as much work on it as he can today, so that hopefully it will actually get to the publishing stage soon.

Keenan and I slept until almost 10:00... sweet. =) I then had a delicious breakfast, and an uninterrupted shower while Aunt Mary watched Keenan (And did my laundry!) She then made me lunch, and I finished up our packing.

We plan to head for Canada around 2:30. After a stop at Tim Horton's (oh, how I miss you, dear friend!) we're going to the Clifford's house (looong time friends of my family) for a BBQ with some of my family, most of the Clifford's, spouses, and children, as well as our friends, the Sinke's and the Hesterman's. I'm Really looking forward to seeing everyone again!

I hope to post again this evening with pictures of our time at the Clifford's...

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