Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just the two of us...

Keenan and I are keeping each other company today, since Philip is doing another 24 hour call shift until tomorrow morning. He's on OB and is quite busy. We got to go take him his "lunch", when he was available at 4:30ish. He didn't have much time though, just a minute to sit with us in the waiting room and check the score of the Michigan/Notre Dame game (at the time they were winning 31 to 0) and the final score was 38-0. Go Blue!! Not only was it Notre Dame's third loss of the season, but they are now "The team that lost to the team that lost to Appalachian State!"Ouch! Anyway, enough sports talk... (LOL!! I don't think I've EVER said that in my life before!)

Philip was the first assist for a C-section delivery of two baby boys this afternoon... pretty cool stuff, I think.

In other Philip news... he told me After the fact, that there was a bomb threat at the hospital yesterday! The whole hospital, except the in-patient part (where he was) was evacuated. Apparently there was some suspicious looking box left somewhere, but it proved to be harmless. I guess his duties were then pretty limited, because he and a couple other doctors got to sit and watch "Pirates of the Caribbean!"

I've gone on quite the cleaning spree today, since I have lots of time here (and can't take Keenan out to any social gatherings just yet). He's been a good boy, and a big "help".

Here he is helping me make our bed after I washed the sheets...

"This seems good enough, Mom!"

Philip and I have recently learned that it is quite the undertaking to administer medication to a baby. LOL! (Maybe it's just us, but I imagine someone out there knows what I'm talking about). For his ear infection, Keenan has to take Amoxicillin (which, like many other infant medicines, is pink!) I managed to give him a dose this evening by myself, without getting it on me, him, or any clothes (which is good, because it stained my Hand this morning!). However, about half an hour later, he spit up on his pajamas...and it was pink. Later, I noticed that "Bunny" (who is blue), had one pink foot, and a cute pink tip on each ear. =) Thankfully, he just emerged from the washing machine looking as blue as ever (and I'm sure the extra bath this week wasn't a bad idea, since Keenan has been sick anyway...)

Well, I should sign off, I still have a bunch of stuff I want to do before bed. I had thought about watching a movie after Keenan fell asleep, but, (being the wimp that I am) decided against it, in case it got scary, and I don't have Philip here to make me feel better. =)

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Stephanie said...

Just a note... watch Keenan on the amoxicillian, just read about the spitting up if u see signs of a rash he may be allergic to it. Not trying to scare you, just saying, incase. I found out in college that I'm allergic to that stuff. Hope all is well! Take care.