Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jus' us three

We had a nice Sunday together. After Philip slept, I got to take a nap, while he and Keenan had some "Daddy" time. Then we went to Fort Walton Beach and did some running around, and then grabbed dinner at Subway (we Love that place!) The coolest thing we picked up today was... A new bouncy seat!! (Thanks Mom and Jeff!) Woohoo! Order has been restored to the Dooley home! =)

Not much else to report. My mom comes in ten days!! =)

Just thought I'd include this link that was sent to me today... we found it pretty funny. Fight for Kisses


flakymn said...

Is Subway a new "find" for you guys? Do they not have them in Michigan?

Joia said...

No, we had them in Michigan (and Ontario), but we really do Love it! It's a lot healthier than a lot of other food, and we especially like them toasted. I think we even prefer them to Quiznos.

Anonymous said...

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