Sunday, September 9, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We slept the best last night that we have all week probably... so well that we almost slept too long! We didn't set an alarm, because our flight wasn't until noon, and we figured we'd wake up long before that, but Keenan slept pretty well, and didn't wake us up until 9:00 (thanks for waking us up then !) =) We rushed around, packing our stuff up, ate a delicious, hot breakfast made by Aunt Mary, and flew out the door.

Keenan has proved to be a good little traveler so far. He slept through the whole first flight on my lap, and on our second one, he got his own seat between us (he looked so grown up sitting there all by himself!) =)

"Hey Dad, you want one of my toys to pass the time?"

"Woohoo! I love flying!"

Keenan with his own seat and his seat belt on! LOL!

Philip took this picture - it's "Fed Ex World" in Memphis. It's unbelievable how many planes they have!

Our friend, (and fellow intern), Rob, picked us up from the airport, and also brought us lasagna, so I didn't have to make dinner! Thanks Rob!

It's so nice to be home, and I'm looking forward to getting "back in the loop" here with the other intern's wives this week.

Philip starts two weeks of Internal Medicine tomorrow. It will be a fairly heavy work load with long days, so it'll be an adjustment to get used to that after his first several rotations that were a bit lighter.

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