Sunday, September 9, 2007

Here there and everywhere

Saturday was a fairly busy day, as we spent time at multiple people's houses... trying to "sieze the day" one last time before we had to come home.

First, we had breakfast at Mark and Rebekah's house. It was amazing (waffles, bacon, eggs, fruit). Thanks for cooking, Mark! We also took a tour of their newly finished (almost) home, which was in the middle of some pretty serious renovations the last time we saw it. It's beautiful, and they have chosen really fun colors in their decorating.

Next, we hopped across London to see my Uncle Jim and Aunt Nora for a little bit. They hadn't seen Keenan since he was two months old.

After crossing the border back into Michigan, we stopped at Tim Horton's, (where I got my fourth Iced Cap of the week!), to tide me over for the next few months...

In the afternoon, we stopped in St. Clair Shores, to visit Philip's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary. It was nice to catch up with them and see pictures of what the triplets are up to these days.

On our way to Ann Arbor, we stopped in Novi to see Grandma Dooley and Uncle Phil (and caught some of the sad Michigan game on TV).

We went to the home of Dr. Nicklas, (one of the doctor's Philip is working on a research paper with) for dinner. He and his wife, Ann, and their two kids, John Michael and Anna are wonderful people. We had a really nice evening, and an amazing meal (grilled Salmon, wild rice and mushrooms, a greek salad, asparagus with cheese sauce, croissants, a tomato and cucumber salad, fruit, and for dessert, miniature chocolate truffle bunt cakes!) Keenan was well entertained by the kids.

Here's a few pictures from along the way:

My parents with Keenan (and not too happy to see him go after spending several days with him)

Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis
(doesn't it look like Keenan is giving a thumbs up?)

"Dr. Nicklas" giving Keenan a check up

Anna and Keenan
(she totally reminded me of what I was like at her age... crazy about babies!) =)

The chocolate truffle bunt cake dessert

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Anonymous said...

Keenan looks so adorable! Can't wait to see him again and squeeze those lovely, squishy cheeks! I love you, K-man, Gr'ma E.