Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great Deals, Good Times

Sarah found out about a children's toys/clothes consignment sale happening in Okaloosa Island, so she and I took Keenan and Della and went to check it out.

The "Baby Buddies" in the van

The website made it sound like the sale was open at noon, but apparently it was only open today for consigners to drop stuff off, and then they were having an "pre sale" at five, and it opens to the public tomorrow. However, the people there didn't really tell us this until we had found and picked out a whole bunch of Really cool stuff! We were pretty bummed that we had to put it back (since we were pretty sure that all the good stuff would be gone if when we came back tomorrow). The people were pretty nice about it though,and said that we could come back in the evening for the pre sale, since there had been a misunderstanding. We weren't really sure we wanted to drive all the way back, but Did decide we weren't going to let that ruin our day.

We went to the Crab Trap for lunch. I had never been before, but Sarah had been several times and recommended a Delicious Amberjack sandwich that was Fabulous! The restaurant overlooks the beach and the water was beautiful!!

Here's a picture of us at the restaurant, (since a really nice lady offered to get one of us all)

As we were heading back to Sarah's, we decided that I would leave Keenan with her and drive back at five to get "our stuff", so that we didn't miss out on the great deals. It worked really well, there were actually only about two or three other people shopping when I got there, and Everything that we had previously looked at was still there!
Keenan and Della had a pretty good time playing together (for the most part). =)

Keenan's trying to play with the "rattle socks" Della is wearing..

I was really happy with the stuff I got. Keenan is starting to get bored of the toys he has now, so it was time for some new stuff. I got all this stuff for about $20.

I especially like the little farm tractors.. every little boy needs stuff like that!

This was my Most treasured find of the day... A miniature Air Force flight suit! (I also got a little pair of BDUs, but they won't fit for a while)

Is that not Adorable??

"Uh... no pictures please, I'm an officer in the United States Air Force, and I don't want my identity made public."

Notice the little lieutenant rank Philip put on the shoulder


Anonymous said...

Sooooo adorable!!!!!
Laura :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great deal for all those toys! My babe is at the 6 month stage too, where she gets bored really quickly with her "usual" toys. It's like once she's tasted it, it's not interesting anymore.
Love the Air Force outfit, how cute!

Anonymous said...

No doubt the Air Force outfit is absolutely adorable, and the captions you come up with are hysterical! Love, Mom E.

kristin said...

Awww That is so cute! Great idea.