Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun with the girls

Last night was So much fun! We all met at Sarah's house, and had wine, four different cheeses with crackers, fruit, chocolate and banana cream pie. She told us about a few of her favorite African books, and we had quite the lengthy talk about Africa, (since Sarah has been three times, and Wendi and Andrea have also been, and my mom was born and raised there). We actually didn't end up choosing one of the African books for our first read though... Kasey suggested "On Call in Hell". Okay, I know the name sounds really disturbing, but it's about doctor's experiences while they're deployed. This could be a very real thing for us after our husband's our done residency, so we thought it would be a good book to start with. (And it would give us three years for the shock to wear off...LOL)

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