Saturday, September 29, 2007

First day of family visit

Mom, Jeff, Erik and Isaac arrived here safely last night. They had a seven (+) hour drive to get here and were pretty tired, but glad to finally get here.

Here's Uncle Isaac and Keenan getting reacquainted (playing peek a boo)

Uncle Erik and Uncle Isaac (this is only Erik's second time seeing Keenan)

Keenan "wrestling" with Isaac

Keenan wearing the hat from his Tigger costume

Grandma reading Keenan's favorite book

We introduced them to "photo booth" on our computer, and Isaac was addicted. Here's some of our favorites:

Alien boy

Big smooch from Mom

Handsome Jeff

Hot couple!!

Now here's a "twisted" family for ya...

Mom and I


What is he, thirteen??

This afternoon we're planning to head over to the splash park on Eglin, to let Isaac and Keenan play and cool off. Hopefully we'll be able to take Philip some dinner and visit with him later.


Isaac said...

Isaac here:

Actually I'm Not 13, I'm 8 (6 actually).
I may look like I'm 13 but I think that's just 'cause of the picture. I thought the picture was cool. I like the colors.
You can say that I'm 13, but I'm six.

Mom W said...

I really liked the kiss one with Kathleen and Isaac, but they were all very good (if weird is good)... Have fun you guys, what a blessing that Grandma, Jeff and the guys are there. Ask Erik if he's "up" for a corn roast soon??? They'll soon be cutting it all down. Corny joke eh? Love, Mom

Kristin said...

Wow. I cant believe how big Isaac is getting. Those pictures are very good. Looks cool! hope your having a good time