Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family's gone, Philip's home

The family all left this morning after a wonderful, but way too short visit. They are now headed to Tennessee for a week of vacation.

Philip got home a little while ago. He actually got some sleep while on call last night, so he's only planning on going to bed for a couple hours now.

Last night we got Chinese food and went and had dinner with Philip in one of the conference rooms at the hospital.

Here's us eating, and everyone trying to figure out what all the formulas on the board meant (Philip was not with us yet, but did explain it when he got back)

Family picture at Philip's desk

Erik's turn with photo booth... funny stuff!

This one's my favorite of him

Cute brothers =)

This is kind of hard to read, it's an excerpt out of Isaac's journal
It says "Keynan is cute. He is my nefu. Philip and Joia are my brother and sissy, they are fun!"

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Mom & Isaac said...

I can't believe you never even got one comment on this blog. It was so hysterical! Anyway, Jeff's out of town and Isaac and I revisited this page (& the other's from our trip there) and Laughed and Laughed remembering the great, but way too short, time we got to have with you guys. We also replayed the video of Keenan blowing on your arm. TOO Funny!!

Miss and love you,
Mom & Isaac