Monday, September 17, 2007

Doctor Daddy

This post is from Keenan to Philip


When you're gone all day at work,
And you're making sick people well,
Mommy and me are here at home
And she sure treats me well.

But if you ever wonder,
As you're walking down the hall,
Do I ever miss you?
Sure do - you're the best Daddy of all!

It's then that Mommy picks up the phone
To page you or give you a call
We hope that you're not too busy
To talk to us after all.

I sure love my Bunny,
He makes me pretty happy
But you're Mommy's honey
And you're MY bestest Pappy!

When it's time for you to come home
We sit here, Mommy and Me,
We wait and we watch for the car
To welcome home our Doctor Daddy!!


Anonymous said...

You have the most adorable little boy ever! I'm glad we got to see you guys when you were here, but miss you already. We love you guys,
Mark and Rebekah

Anonymous said...

Like is Keenan applying to med school already? He looks old enough! Better buy a bat to keep the ladies away! He's already changed so much still we visited. His hair has grown in more and what's going to happen next, I 'll get pictures from you next week and he'll have his own pony tail? EEK this is all happening too fast!!!
Laura :)

Joia said...

Laura, I think the reason Keenan seems so old in this picture is because he's standing "on his own", but in reality, it really was far from that. Two seconds after I snapped the picture, he toppled and I caught him. =)
It's funny that you mentioned that about his hair, because we don't really notice a very big difference!

Anonymous said...

What a great poem. Jeff is right. We need to get you in business. Make it a generic Daddy poem and you have your first EnJOIAble card (for sale, that is!). The photos are so adorable. I can't wait to see my lil man (and his parents too) again. :-)
Love, Mom/Gr'ma