Friday, September 14, 2007

Case Lot Sale

Today was the bi-annual "Case Lot Sale" at the Commissary. I had never been before, but figured we'd be able to save some money by buying some stuff in bulk, so I thought I'd check it out. Well, I wasn't expecting the hour and a half wait in line, half way across the store, before we even got into the warehouse part where the sale actually was. Once we got in there, we still had to stay in the line, and just wind up and down the aisles. I was really hoping for a big sale on cases of baby food, but there was none to be found. However, I did get a great deal on diapers ($12 for a box of 92), and I'm pretty sure we may Never have to buy ziplock bags of any size Ever again! =) We should be good to go for laundry detergent for quite a while too... The five pound box of Twizzlers is for Philip - he loves them.

I also picked up a bag of "Military" Kisses! (What would Philip think?) =)

Our doctor kindly agreed to see Keenan as a walk in, between appointments this afternoon. She wasn't actually too concerned at all about the cough and cold, since it isn't really bothering him and he has no other symptoms. But he does have a double ear infection (which also doesn't seem to be bothering him - what a little trooper!) Anyway, it was good to find that out, and get the medication so we can get that taken care of.

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