Monday, September 10, 2007

6 Months!

Keenan is six months old today! That seems like such a milestone, and I can't believe he's there already! (I don't have his six month picture yet because Philip accidentally left the camera at work today).

In six months we have..

* Probably lost more sleep than in our previous 25 years =)
* Changed well over 1,000 diapers
* Given about 100 baths
* Made three times as many stops on long car trips
* Sung more songs, laughed more, and worried more than ever before =)
* Spent countless hours just staring at Keenan, and marveling that he's been entrusted to us
* Taken at Least 600 pictures of him
* Done more weight lifting than ever before
* Found that we have more capacity for love than we had ever imagined
* Crossed an international border 6 times
* Buckled Keenan into his car seat 630 times
* Washed about 70 loads of baby clothes
* Spent less than $50 on clothes so far (Praise the Lord!)

Anyway, all this to say... Life is radically different, and it's a crazy ride sometimes, but we're loving it, and him, more every day!

Our little cherub fast asleep...

Keenan and Philip a few days ago

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Mom W said...

Oh, I like the new picture of the three of you better than the other one. I forgot to get a pic of you three to update my family frame. I'll have to get it when I come. Can't wait, miss you.