Friday, August 17, 2007

What are Hushpuppies?

Here you go Cheryl....Hushpuppies are small, round pieces of deep fried cornbread. They are sooo good! Definitely a southern thing. You can find recipes for them on I'd hate to know how many calories they pack...


Anonymous said...

thanks! I learned something new today! They look yummy!
Cheryl B.

Anonymous said...

I have another question that I thought of in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep!
How did they get the name hush puppies??
Also do you eat them warm?
Yes, I'm all Canadian, Wendy!!

Joia said...

Apparently, farmers (in the south), I'm sure, threw hush puppies at their hounds to quiet their barking.

flakymn said...

I have no idea how they named them but these things are AWESOME. Better than french fries in my opinion. The picture is requiring me to go out and get some.

Joia said...

Oh, and yes, you eat them warm (the first time I had them, they were served with an amazing strawberry butter!)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info! They do sound delicious, esp. with the strawberry butter!
I will have to add that to my list of foods to try in the future.
My mom used to make something called 'Johnny cake", made with cornmeal, and we ate it with corn syrup (no calories!). Not sure where that name came from either, but perhaps is the Canadian version.

Mom w. said...

"Hush little puppy don't you cry, Momma's gonna make you a corn bread pie..." Joia, I am quite sure you could finish this version of "Hush little baby, don't you cry..." Sorry the dog story just brought out the punny in me plus I just spent a weekend camping with my punny sons, messes with your mind... = )