Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tooth Sighting!

Okay, folks, I'd like to announce that Mr. Nathan Hansford has officially captured on film, Keenan's two front teeth for the first time ever!

I was tickling his shoulders... =)


Stephanie said...

aww...that is sooo cute! and wow already! he's growing so fast! Thanx for sending me ur blog site! Its like a daily thing to do to see new pics! hee!

Mom W said...

Wow, I thought sure yesterday was going to go by without a post... you surprised me... Really cute pic. Can't wait till you are here.

Anonymous said...

Another ADORABLE photo of Mr. K.

Thx. for being so diligent to post the pics. It lessens the distance between us because I feel like I am there experiencing things with you. Give your family a hug from us when you see them.

Much love, Mom E.