Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Teething and Other Fun Things...

Keenan's first tooth continues to grow more every day! So far he still hasn't seemed to be suffering any discomfort from it, so hopefully that keeps up!
Today, while Keenan and I were waiting in the car for Philip to come out of the hospital, I made up a "tooth song"... Here's how it goes, (it should really be sung by a rapper with a deep voice):

"I got a tooth and I know how to use it (use it)
In a few years I'm gonna lose it (lose it)
I'll get more
Two, three four,
Maybe more,
That's for shore!
I'm getttin' teeth!
Yeah, yeah
I'm gettin' teeth!
Yeah yeah..."

I sang it for Philip when he got in the car and he said, "So that's what happens when I leave the two of you in the car for too long!"

I'm so glad Philip knows how to do so many things around here. For example, we recently bought new locks for all our doors (as a result of the "locked out fiasco''). He is currently working on keying all the deadbolts the same and all the knob locks the same. I would have NO idea how to do that! There are so many little parts, pins and springs that have to be put together in each lock... it's fascinating just to watch! Yay for having a knowledgeable man in the house! =) I actually said, "I don't know what women who aren't married do about stuff like this," and he said, "They just pay someone else to do it." Well, I guess I'd be a pretty poor single woman then! LOL!

This picture doesn't have anything to do with anything really, but I thought I'd include it because, well, it's cute, and it's the latest thing that Keenan has decided is fun to do.


Mom W. said...

Cool tooth song Joia, how come you didn't do a video and sing it for us, I'm sure Keenan would have laughed as well... He looks a little bit like Shaelyn in the picture, the first time I've thought that. Good thing Philip is finding the "key" to your problem...ugh.

Anonymous said...

You're right, women who don't have a man around pay someone else to do it... or better still, learn how to do it themselves!!! You can't beat a woman with tools!! LOL!
Cheryl B.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I have to agree with you! I love having a husband around!