Friday, August 31, 2007

Second Last Day...

So, this morning, Laura and I were Supposed to go para-sailing, but on the way there, we got a call that it was canceled due to bad weather (although it seemed fine to us). We're going to give it another try tomorrow...

"Let's stop pretending about how we Really feel about each other!"

(I guess we can put on a happy face for a couple more days...)

We stopped at the beach on the way to Baytowne Wharf to take a few more pictures...

Cute picture at the beach

Still putting up (very well) with each other on day six

Waiting for the boat shuttle...

Philip and Joia, kissin' in the tree...

Nathan and Laura on the roof

The Fab Five sweating off enough pounds to make a fifth grader
(caption compliments of Nathan)

Just us

Dinner at Jim 'N Nicks BBQ
Thank goodness for fountain pop!!!

"That would be a good engagement picture if you weren't married"
(captioned by Laura)


Kristin said...

Hey Kristin here. You guys are making me jelous. Looks like your having a great time. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice area you live in!! and all your pictures are awesome! Looks like Nathan and Laura have had a great vacation! They won't want to return to boring Norwich!
I agree with Kristin, you're making us green with envy! And it's off to work I go AGAIN!!
Have fun!
Cheryl B.

Mom W said...

Where are you going to put the fifth grader? Must be a boy, if he's all sweat. Hope the parasailing works out... or do I??? See you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Again, the captions are hysterical! Oh, and be careful of that "kissin' in a tree' know what follows... lol.

Have fun up north! No doubt, Keenan will be spoiled to high heaven!
Love, Mom