Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy day turned Sunny

The first part of the day was a pretty lazy one for Keenan and I. We had a Huge storm last night that kept me awake quite a bit, so I was pretty tired when we got up. We walked with Wendi and Scrubs (the dog) this morning for almost an hour, but I think I slowed Wendi down a bit (because I walk slower when I talk at the same time), so I'll have to pick up the pace next time, when Tiffany is with us! By the time we got home (due to my lack of sleep last night, and then the walk), I was exhausted! I slept during both of Keenan's morning naps.

When Philip got off work, we went to the East Pool. We didn't even have to pay, since there was only an hour of swim time left! Woohoo! =) The weather was great, and the water was Perfect!! Keenan had a blast! When I was holding him, Philip would splash waves up on Keenan's chest, and he laughed so hard we thought he was going to hurt himself, it was soo funny!

Tomorrow morning Philip goes in for his first call shift at Eglin. He won't get off until Sunday morning. This is also his first call since Keenan was born, so I'm not really looking forward to spending the night without him... =0/


flakymn said...

JB will be on call all day as well. I'll be sad with you :(

Tante Jan said...

Hi! i'm Wendi's aunt -up in the middle of the nite early morning so reading blogs and noticed Wen put your site on -thought i'd take a peek and read about you and your husband -i was excited to see you are thinking of missions -it will be fun to see where the Lord leads you. We spent 25 year in Indonesia a linguists and Ed, as a professor in a univ and then a translation the midst we worked with a tribal group to help them have their language in writing -and had permission as part of our work and development there to "translate books of high moral value" --we helped train a team to work with us on translating the book of highest moral value to us all :)and are nearly done. There still is no doctor out in Halmahera -i'm not sure a country like Indonesia takes foreign doctors but i know other countries do and i can only imagine how happy the Tabaru people would be to have a doctor. Our translator's wife is pregnant now with number 3 and travels to the next island to get to a doctor -he has said he thinks she is too big and needs a Caesaeran...not a place i'd want her to have one, and sometimes we're not sure if the doctor wants her to have one for his sake or hers, as that happens out there...but we are praying she either has her baby naturally or makes it to that island in time and the surgery goes well.
well that's more than i was going to say -but i'm so happy for Wen that she has found a neat group of friends already! and as always lots of good food! :)

Mom W. said...

Hi, Mom W. here, cute baby, cute parents. Enjoying your news so much. Brightens my day - and we had some rain too but we really needed it. God will be with you and Keenan in a special way tonight. Love, Mom

Kristin said...

Awww Keenan is getting so big. I cant wait to see him again sometime. I miss you guys so much. You all look great. Hope all is well and I will talk to you soon. Oh and Keenan is like a little Philip hehe. He is so cute!

Joia said...

Tante Jan,

Hi! Wow, I feel special that you spent some time on my blog and you don't even know me! What an amazing ministry/adventure you had in Indonesia! That's wonderful!
Thank you for stopping by!

Joia said...


You said "Keenan is like a little Philip hehe. He is so cute!"
So, you're saying you think Philip is cute? LOL!!

KTE said...

Trying to play 'catch up' again on your blog & the blog Day is the 10th...Happy B'day to me, happy b'day to me.......LOL...(even though I'm writing this on the 16th!)..... U R really quite amazing, Joia, and am so glad that Philip found you. I can't wait to visit again and go to all the cool places you have discovered.

How cool that Wendi's aunt read your blog...I wonder if she was w/ Wycliffe Bible Translators? I am in awe of the people who do this!

And Yes! Philip And Keenan are both cute!! And, I am not

Mom E.