Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post Call Day Numero Uno

Philip got home from his 25 hour call at about 8:30 this morning, and went to bed for a few hours. Thankfully he was actually able to sleep with Keenan and I still here at home. I put dark blankets over the windows in our room and he had a fan for white noise. It's good to know that this will work when he's on nights for two weeks. Keenan and I had a good night, even without him here. I spent a while cleaning the house after we got home last night, to make sure that I was good and tired before I went to bed. I also had no problem being nervous about him being gone, or having any scary dreams or anything, so praise the Lord for that. =)

We had crepes (the first time I've made them) for brunch. It was really like eating "dessert" for a meal. They had a cream cheese filling, and then we added whipped cream and strawberries in syrup. Pretty sweet and rich.

I just noticed this morning that Keenan has a second tooth coming in next to the first one! I totally thought it would take longer between teeth.. maybe he'll have a mouthful by his six month birthday! =)

We've had a very relaxed afternoon, with naps for all... =)

I'm looking forward to (hopefully) talking to my brother, Andrew, on the phone later this evening. He is just returning from his trip to Uganda this summer. He was delayed in D.C. for an extra day, since they had a team member admitted to the hospital with malaria.

Hopefully the rain has cooled it off a little so we can go for a walk this evening. That's really the only time we get to do that as a family.


Kristin said...

I cant believe how many teeth Keenan is getting wow!! Hope all is well. Give him a kiss for me!
love ya guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just got to catch up on your blog this morning. Philip looks pretty impressive in his white coat, and we know he is a computer guy but when do we get to see him doing something "doctorish", you know, how do we know that this isn't just a 'catch me if you can" role? = ) love you guys, Mom W.

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...


The picture of him with the baby he delivered wasn't "doctorish" enough? What, did you want video of him "pulling her out"? Afraid we can't do that! LOL!

I'll see what I can do...

Mom W. said...

OK, OK, you know I'm not REALLY a skeptic, I just have to give you some inspiration for your blog, right? Getting a "real" computer on his desk helped Philip's case a lot. However I can't wait to see what you come up with... :~?

KTE said...

Still catching up.......Wow, a 2nd tooth already. Watch out momma! :-) So, now you can empathize with me, eh? Imagine a whole week being alone every month! I quoted scripture a lot! lol. It also made me more sensitive to those who have spouses deployed for Months at a time. I can't even imagine....

Love, Mom E.

P.S. your mom is such a nut!