Monday, August 6, 2007

Philip's First Post

So this feels so wrong, but I'm in the process of getting Windows XP up and running on our iMac. Since all the computers at the hospital are PCs it will be nice to have the option of running Office on our home computer to avoid any formatting issues that sometimes crop up when you transfer Word and PowerPoint files between Macs and PCs. Also, my PDA update software seems to run a little bit better in Windows. But I am sure getting a reminder of how easy a Mac really is overall.

The Mac took about 15 minutes from when I started cutting the tape on the box till it was fully operational. This whole Windows XP thing (at least I was able to get XP and am not stuck with Vista) has actually been going on for two days now. Below is one of the first screen shots from the installation process:

Windows has managed to transport our computer 20 years into the past and reduce it to a Tandy 1000 HX

Then, after about 20 minutes you think it's finally done because it restarts, but then this screen appears:

39 MORE MINUTES?! Are you kidding me?

Anyway, once you get through that process you finally arrive at this surreal image:

I've got to admit, I'm a little suprised that this didn't cause some sort of cosmic paradox instantly halting the progress of time.

So once you get into XP you discover that nothing but the mouse, keyboard and CD drive work because XP requires it's own drivers for every piece of hardware. Thankfully Apple anticipated this and before you install XP you can burn a CD with all of the drivers that you need. It was really quite funny because as the CD worked, XP kept alerting me to the new features it was discovering. Seems like a perfect Mac vs. PC commercial. "Hey Mac, did you know you have speakers?" "Um, yeah, PC." "Hey Mac, did you know you have a built in web-cam?" "Been there for years, PC." "Hey Mac, did you know...."

So after that it was time to start updating XP with all of the security patches that have been released since the CD I used to install it was released. It installed the first four and said that it had to restart before it could do the rest of them. It was at this point that I knew I had succeeded in truly getting the Microsoft experience because it...

...crashed. It got stuck on this screen for an hour. We actually took Keenan for a walk around our part of town for about 45 minutes before coming home and using the power button to force quit. Then after that restart it had 68! various updates, most of them security patches, before another restart. And then I installed an anti-virus program, an anti-spyware program, an anti-someotherkindofmaliciouscomputercode program, and a second firewall to compliment the built in Windows XP firewall.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually be able to start installing the software I want to run in XP. Unless you all have suggestions for more software I need to install to plug all the security holes I just spent the last two days creating.


Josh, Amanda and Ethan said...

Josh will get a kick out of this when he gets back into town. I hope you guys are having a good time in the HEAT. We are in the 90's here lately you must be melting. We miss you. Tell Keenan that Ethan says Hi!

Mom W. said...

Good job Philip,
Great iMac commercial, now I know why I get so frustrated with this PC. You should contribute more often... =) your spare time, hmmmmm.