Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Out Shopping etc...

Today we spent the day in Destin. We went to Destin Commons, but kind of got rained out after Books A Million, so then we had lunch and went to the outlets, Michaels, Barnes and Noble and Old Navy (as well as a brief stop at Sonic) for the rest of the day before picking Philip up.

Nathan and Laura at the beach (we just stopped by, we didn't swim)

Laura and Nathan bought Keenan a pair of adorable, camo Sketchers "crocs"

"These seem a bit big now, but they sure taste good!"

"Whew! Am I glad to be home after a looong day of shopping!"

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED that pic of Keenan "after a long day of shopping!" It is hysterical. You come up with the greatest captions for your pictures! I needed a laugh today! Thx.
Love, Mom E