Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Big Boy

Keenan turned five months old yesterday! I've been taking a picture of him every month (close to the day) for his scrapbook. Here's his five month picture that I took this morning.

He wasn't really in a "picture taking mood", so I didn't really get a smile. Maybe now that he's a big five month old, it's not "cool" to smile for pictures. Or.. he's self conscious about that one tooth he has and is afraid he'll look funny if he smiles wide! LOL

Yes, these are the same, but I couldn't decide which one was cuter!


Mom W. said...

Oh my, is he really 5 months old already? It goes so fast. What a little man! He sure won't lack for pictures to show on his wedding day! love, XOXOXO

Mom W said...

the blue one - cutest - of course...