Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blogs and Clogs

On Thursday mornings, Philip goes in at 6, because they have a CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) meeting. A lot of the Christian doctors get together and are going through a book called "Practice by the Book, A Christian Doctor's Guide to Living and Serving". Philip said the book is really good, and their time together is really encouraging. I'm so glad for a group like that! We have been so blessed in so many ways with the Residency here at Eglin.

I finally jumped on the "Clog Wagon". When the plastic/rubber ones first came out, I just thought they were really funny looking. I don't really like the super bright colored ones, and they just seemed like a silly shoe... Well, then I started thinking that some people had some pretty cute ones (like Melissa's pink Airwalk ones!), but I never thought they looked that cute on Me... Well, that may not have changed, but today I found a pair (for $5!) that I like, so I am now officially part of the "Clog Movement". =)

Last night I gave Keenan a bottle (just because it had been a while, and I wanted to make sure he would still take one). Well, there was no problem with that, he gupled that thing down, and... we discovered that he can hold his own bottle! I looked up at Philip (with sad eyes), and said, "He doesn't even need me anymore!" =0/ Well... I guess he still needs me for what goes into the bottle...

"Hey Mom, let me 'drive' the bottle, I'm five months old, for Pete's sake!"


mom w. said...

I don't think they call them clogs in Canada. They are supposed to be made out of some good breathable substance other than plastic or vinyl aren't they? Keenan is growing up fast Joia, that is the inescapable truth. It is a good thing that you are flying or he might have wanted to Drive coming here. love yous

KTE said...

Another answer to prayer! How awesome that Philip gets to join with other medical professionals and share their faith. You really Are blessed in So many ways (notice I'm doing your capitalize-only-the-first-letter-thing you-do to show emphasis instead of capitalizing all the letters?).

The clogs are really cute, but do they make your feet perspire? Everyone I know that owns the Crocs, say they are so comfortable, but I hadn't heard about the "croc-look alikes".

Don't worry, Momma, Keenan will need you in different ways for a Very long time to come.
Love, Mom E

Joia said...

Mom W... I don't know, these seem pretty "plasticy" to me..

Mom E... They make my feet a little warm sometimes, but not bad. I think there are multiple "copy cat" brands that came out after the Crocs (that are all much cheaper).

Laura said...

hey I found the coolest crocs (imitation ones) and thought of you guys! They were only $9 and they were blue, very comfortable and had the 'M' for Philip's old school on them. Almost bought them to wear to see you guys but I figured since they only matched one pair of pants I owned it may not be the smartest purchase!

Joia said...

Laura, How cool! That would have been fun, but no, not the smartest purchase if they only match one thing...can't wait to see you!