Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My First Cajun Experience

Today we had the "Girl's Weekly Lunch" at a little Cajun restaurant about two minutes from here. It's called The French Quarter Grill, and (from the looks of the outside) isn't the kind of place Any of us would have gone to, had we not been told it was good! However, in this case, you certainly can't "tell the book by it's cover". The inside is really cute, and the food is great!

I don't think I have Ever eaten Cajun food before, and was a little worried that everything would be too spicy for me. I had the seafood gumbo and house salad. The gumbo (well, the sausage in it), was Just spicy enough, but not too much. It was delicious!

With all of the little ones in our party, we used every high chair they had! =)

I just had to include this, because I Love this picture of my two favorite boys....

Last week, at our girl's lunch, Andrea brought some chocolate no bake cookies (the kind with oatmeal in them). I hadn't had them in years, and had pretty much forgotten they existed... but then I had one last week, and decided to make some last night, and they are soooo good!! Thanks a lot, Andrea! Who knows how often I'll be making these now!!

"Hey, look at these dirt cookies my Mama made!"

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KTE said...

Hey, they just happen 2 B 2 of my favorite boys too! What a coincidence. lol. And what a great pic of the 2 of them. I love the Keenan comments you come up with. U R 2 funny!

Also, I am so blessed that you have such a great group of friends. God does answer prayers!

Love, Mom E