Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Boys

Yesterday when Keenan and I went to pick Philip up from work, we went in to see his desk (now that he has one), so I can decide what pictures and stuff to send in to work with him. He doesn't have a computer yet, so "to make light of the fact" (he said), he decided to make his own! Here it is:

The paper you see is the Air Force opening page, and he also has several other screens (his email, HOPS, CHCS, AHLTA - those last three are all work related software) that you can flip through! LOL!

We were very excited to get the notice that Keenan's "Bebe Pod" that we ordered from Wal-Mart was in yesterday! It's the coolest thing! It's actually recommended by pediatricians to help babies learn how to sit on their own.

Doesn't it make him look so grown up?

Good stuff...

Philip and Keenan had a dip in the pool this morning. Keenan loved it, but it was a bit too cool for Philip's liking. I think Keenan really appreciated the effort on Daddy's part anyway... =)

So Dad, you warmin' up yet?

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Mom W. said...

Cute baby, no videos? do you have a storage room for baby gadgets? =)
Love you guys...