Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A little bit of everything

On her (amazing) blog, my friend, Wendi, often does a random post with bullet points about various things. I think I'll do that today.

*Last night, Philip and I read six books to Keenan, and he enjoyed every one! Hopefully he'll turn out to be a book lover.

Here's me reading "Where the Wild Things Are", see how intently he's listening? =)
(He especially liked the part where they had the "wild rumpus")

*We discovered last night that we're going to have to start using the buckles to strap him into his bouncy seat when he's in it, since... apparently he is able to get out of it now!

He rolled onto his tummy, and then scooched himself off!
(What a little Houdini!)

*Today the "Girls Weekly Lunch" was at Tiffany's house. She made amazing chicken quesadillas and a salad, and we also had carrots, bruschetta, fruit salad, no bake chocolate cookies and mini chocolate eclairs! This week, Andrea (and her son, Johnathon) were able to join us, so we had six women, four kids and two dogs in attendance!

Here's Jonathon, Keenan and William.
Keenan learned a thing or two today about "how boys play", I think it was good for him.

Here's a picture, comparing Keenan's size with Della
Della is two months younger (and ten pounds lighter) than Keenan!

"Hey Baby, how You doin'?"

* I accidentally knocked my glasses onto the floor today, and then stepped on them! I think it's a sign that I Really need to make my eye doctor appointment, tomorrow!

* The hole in my left ear is now a little bit bigger than the one in my right, since Keenan discovered (and yanked on) my earring today.

* We found out today that they made a new "policy" at the hospital about work hours. Now, no matter what rotation Philip is on, he has to stay until 4:15. He obviously stays there Much longer than that a Lot of the time, when he's on a rotation (like OB) with long hours, but even when he has short days now there will be no more coming home at 2 or 3... so not cool! =0/

* Philip grilled steaks again tonight... Mmm, mmm, good!


Mom W. said...

Newsy, sweet baby, Della too. Wow, that is a lot of boys, you Moms better have a plan for when those boys get older... no telling what they'll think up or get into. Climbing out of his bouncy seat now eh? Lots of fun.

flakymn said...

What is this 4:15 rule? That's stupid!!!!

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

I haven't heard yet Why the new rule has come about...I'm sure Philip will find out today.