Thursday, August 2, 2007

Getting Out

Last night, our "getting out of the house" consisted of a trip to Wal-Mart (for me), a trip to Lowes (for Philip), and topped off with a trip to Sonic (for both of us). We were going to get Keenan a life jacket at Wal-Mart (for our future boating adventures), but they don't sell sizes for kids less than 30 pounds (even though the little booklet attached to the life jackets stressed that you shouldn't put smaller kids in "stage three" life jackets, they had no "stage one or twos"). We Did end up buying him a ball though (because it made him laugh pretty hard in the store... and we were hoping it would at home too, which it does!) Hey, if it didn't ,it only cost us 93 cents.

I decided last night that I like Lowes better than Home Depot (which isn't really saying much, because I really don't like Home Depot, it's all so "manly" in there...) However, I discovered Lowes actually has some home things like curtains and stuff, so that gained them a few points with me. (Keenan was a big fan of the mirrors at Lowes).

How you doin'?

Sonic was definitely the best stop of the night. I Love that place! I got a huge, 44 0z Strawberry Slush, that was jam packed with fresh strawberries, and it was sooo good! Philip's cookies and cream Sonic blast was pretty tasty too.

Okay, on to today...

Keenan and I started our day with a nice walk at Turkey Creek. We did the mile and a half in 28 minutes. I didn't think that was too bad. We saw a ton of Huge spiders today, but thankfully their webs were all off to the side and not anywhere near us.
This reminds me...whenever we come home at night, and our lights shine up near the roof of our carport, there's always a whole bunch of geckos hanging out up there! It's kinda cool, but I never see them there during the day.

This afternoon we went and checked out the Arts and Crafts center. It's pretty cool, they have quite a few art supplies (including some Huge canvases for really cheap!) I may just have to do some more painting... They also have quite a selection of ceramics that you can pick out and paint yourself. The prices are really reasonable and they "fire" them for you as well. (On the way there, we stopped by Weekly Pond, which I call "Turtle Pond", because whenever it's sunny out, every log that juts up out of the water is Covered in turtles! When I tried to take pictures though, (even though I was about 40 feet away), a bunch of them jumped in the water. Maybe they're just shy (or maybe they're part of the "Turtle Witness Protection program" or something...)

Since Philip was going to be done at three, Keenan and I just decided to blow some time on base, so we went to the park and Keenan went on the swing again (and loved it as much as the first time). Then we went to the BX, to Starbucks, where I tried the new Blueberries 'n' Cream frappuccino, which was fantastic. After browsing in the home section for a while, we went and did groceries at the Commissary. I discovered that I can fit like 20 pounds of groceries in the basket on the stroller, sweet! When we were in line at the self checkout, I thought I recognized the man in front of us, and said, "Weren't we just in line behind you at Starbucks?" He said, "Maybe", then he bent and looked in the stroller at Keenan and said, "Yup, same beautiful eyes!" =)


Mom W. said...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the handsomest of them all?" Of course Grandma W. thinks Keenan Dooley is. Will you do a video of him laughing at the ball you bought? = )

flakymn said...

I like Lowe's much better too. So does John actually.

Anonymous said...

Lowes all the way. I am with you. Keenan is too cool for school and you are so witty! I love the turtle witness protection program line. Maybe you could have a compilation of all of your musings one day and sell it as a book. I would buy it. =) Love you, Jessica

Joia said...

Mom, We'll try to get a video of Keenan with the ball (you know your a "Keenan video junkie", right?) =)

Jessica - okay, maybe Someone besides Keenan thinks I'm funny.. =) You might be the Only one that would buy my book though!